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James C. Kincaid, DDS-Atlanta Georgia

James C. Kincaid, DDS of Atlanta, Georgia holds a BA degree from Vanderbilt University and graduated from Emory University School of Dentistry in 1970.

From the earliest years of his dental practice, Dr. Kincaid has devoted time to teaching and mentoring younger dentists. He has been a member of the Visiting Faculty of the L.D. Pankey Institute since 1982, where he currently leads a faculty team in a five-day post graduate program focusing on the diagnosis and treatment of patients with complex dental problems. Dr. Kincaid has also served on the Curriculum Committee, The Advisory Board and the Board of Directors (10 years).

Dr. James Kincaid

In addition to teaching at The Pankey Institute, Dr. James Kincaid has had the distinction of making presentations throughout the United States to numerous study groups and dental societies including the Academy of Restorative Dentistry, the American Dental Association Annual Meeting, the Greater New York Dental Meeting and many more.

Dr. Kincaid believes that a teacher is only effective if he/she remains current with the newest concepts. A perpetual student, he continues to attend courses and seminars related to new materials and techniques that are currently being developed in dentistry.

Dr. Kincaid now maintains a private dental practice in Atlanta, Georgia that is limited primarily to health-oriented patients who are in need of restorative or esthetic dental care. His restorative and esthetic dental practice serves patients who seek the highest standard of dental care and who are interested in establishing a lifetime plan to promote optimal oral health.

With their three adult children happily married and involved in their own careers, Dr. Kincaid and his wife, Glenn, follow their passion of traveling around the world. An avid photographer, Dr. Kincaid documents the trip locations and has created Travel DVDs which are available for patients to watch during dental appointments. Between travels, they can be found with their grandchildren, on the golf course or gardening at their Sandy Springs home.

James C. Kincaid, DDS | Dr. James Kincaid

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