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Atlanta Full Mouth Reconstruction

Atlanta Full Mouth ReconstructionDr. James Kincaid provides full mouth reconstructions as well as complete dental care services for the residents of the greater Atlanta metropolitan area. We are an esthetic and restorative dental practice located in Buckhead and serving patients who seek the highest standard of dental care and who are interested in establishing a lifetime plan to promote optimal oral health.

Our dental practice takes a different approach to dentistry than most other dental practices. We do not offer quick fixes or short-term cosmetic solutions that will not last and may put your long-term oral health at risk. Instead, we offer thoughtful and well-planned dental restorations and esthetic procedures designed to help you achieve a healthy, naturally beautiful, long-lasting smile. Our treatment plans take into consideration both the form and function of your smile as well as your long-term oral and overall health.

Full Mouth Restoration

When performed well, a full mouth reconstruction can create wonderful improvement in a patient's appearance as well as their overall health. However, as nice as such an outcome might be, a full mouth reconstruction may require a substantial investment of time and resources and should not be undertaken without careful consideration and confidence that you have found the right office.

Dr. Kincaid believes that the experience should always begin with a comprehensive oral examination with diagnostic models, photographs and any necessary x-ray. Once all the data has been considered, Dr. Kincaid meets with the patient to explain his findings and the treatment options. The patient and Dr. Kincaid will then determine, together, the goals and best treatment plan to achieve those goals.

Quite often, the assistance of one or more dental specialists is required to achieve the ideal result. Dr. Kincaid works closely with carefully selected and highly trained specialists who are equally committed to delivering quality care and to achieving the goals of the patient. Another important member of the restorative team is the dental laboratory ceramist who will fabricate the final restoration. The ceramist is so important that Dr. Kincaid has a dental laboratory in the Tuxedo Center Building. The ceramist meets all the full mouth reconstruction patients and personally selects the shade for the porcelain restorations.

Dr. Kincaid has designed and successfully carried out complex oral reconstructions for patients since his first year in practice. For the past eighteen years, his teaching responsibilities at The L.D. Pankey Institute have focused on teaching the techniques of complex restorative dentistry.

To get more information about full mouth reconstruction or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Kincaid, please contact our Atlanta Full Mouth Reconstruction Experts today. We look forward to helping to restore your smile.

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