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Atlanta Esthetic Dentistry

Atlanta Esthetic DentistryDr. Kincaid and the dental professionals at our practice in Atlanta believe that esthetic dentistry is about more than just providing you with a temporary cosmetic makeover. It is about providing you with a comprehensive treatment plan that takes into consideration both the form and the function of your smile. Using this unique approach, we are able to help our patients achieve naturally beautiful, long-lasting smiles. If you are interested in a long-term esthetic solution that will enhance the appearance of your smile as well as your overall oral health, please give us a call to schedule a consultation with our talented esthetic dentist, Dr. James Kincaid.

Buckhead's Esthetic Dentist

Dr. James Kincaid is one of Buckhead's premier esthetic dentists serving patients throughout the greater Atlanta metropolitan area. Dr. Kincaid is highly trained and experienced in esthetic dentistry and offers a wide variety of advanced esthetic dental procedures as part of a comprehensive treatment plan. Our esthetic dental services include the following:

• Esthetic fillings
• Esthetic restoration utilizing porcelain veneers
Restoration of weak or fractured teeth
• Replacement of lost teeth
• Restoration of congenitally missing teeth
• Restoration utilizing implants
Full mouth reconstruction
• Minor orthodontic correction

In many cases, a combination of esthetic and restorative procedures is needed to achieve the goal of a naturally healthy, long-lasting smile. Dr. Kincaid looks at every case individually and develops a personalized treatment plan tailored to meet each patient's unique circumstances and goals. If whitening or simple bonding cannot achieve the esthetic goal, restoring the anterior teeth with porcelain veneers or crowns may be necessary. This is, however, a complex procedure and should not be undertaken unless you have absolute confidence in the dentist. Perhaps you have a friend or acquaintance, whose new veneers or crowns do not look quite right. It is obvious that they are fake, but you are not sure whether the problem is the color, the shape or something else. This should never happen.

The Ceramic Technician

When a porcelain veneer or crown is part of the solution, the dental laboratory ceramist becomes a critical member of the team. The ceramist is so important to Dr. Kincaid's work that many years ago, he created a dental laboratory in the Tuxedo Center Building. A highly skilled and experienced ceramist personally selects the shade for all our porcelain restorations.

Your smile and the health of your teeth and gums greatly affect your overall appearance as well as your quality of life. The experts at our dental practice are ready to help you achieve a healthy, naturally beautiful and long-lasting smile. If you are interested in a comprehensive oral treatment plan that includes advanced esthetic dental procedures, please contact our Atlanta Esthetic Dentistry Experts today to schedule an appointment for a comprehensive oral examination and smile analysis. We look forward to meeting all of your dental care needs.

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