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Atlanta Comprehensive Dental Care

Atlanta Comprehensive Dental CareDr. James Kincaid proudly serves the residents of Atlanta with comprehensive dental care. Our private practice is limited primarily to health-oriented patients in need of restorative or esthetic dental care. Our dentist and staff believe that patients who play an active role in achieving and maintaining their oral health will be more successful in achieving the level of health they are seeking. We also believe strongly in the relationship between oral health and total body health. Our practice welcomes new patients who will accept only the highest level of dental care and who are willing to participate in their oral health.

Our Approach to Your Dental Health

Our approach to your dental health is very different from the approach you will find at most dental practices. Our philosophy can be summed up in a single statement: "know your patient." This personalized dental care approach starts with a thorough new patient examination that provides us with the opportunity to learn about our patients' values, desires and fears. It also gives us the chance to understand how to effectively communicate with each and every one of our valued patients.

Our goal is to help patients achieve naturally beautiful smiles that are designed to last many years. Dr. Kincaid provides only esthetic and restorative dentistry that takes into consideration both the form and function of your smile. We will not simply provide you with a cosmetic makeover that has little chance of lasting and which could be detrimental to your health. Although dental work which is performed to a higher standard usually costs more initially, it will not turn out to be more expensive if it promotes optimum oral health and lasts many years longer. The real cost of poor quality work can be measured in the additional damage and the time and expense of early replacement.

Dr. James Kincaid and the staff at our Atlanta dental practice are committed to providing the best that modern dentistry has to offer in an environment that is as comfortable and as free of stress as possible. Please contact our Atlanta Comprehensive Dental Care Practice today to get more information or to schedule an appointment for a comprehensive oral examination and smile analysis.

Comprehensive Dental Care | Our Approach to Your Dental Health

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