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Atlanta Bite Analysis and Correction

Atlanta Bite Analysis and CorrectionFor expert bite analysis and correction services in Atlanta, you can count on Dr. James Kincaid and the dedicated dental professionals at our Buckhead dental practice. We are a comprehensive dental practice that serves patients who seek the highest standard of dental care and who are interested in establishing a lifetime plan to promote their optimal oral health.

The word "occlusion" is the more technically correct word for bite because it takes into consideration the way the jaw joints (temporomandibular joint or simply TMJ) fit together. A malocclusion exists when the teeth do not fit together properly when the jaw joints are in their correct alignment. It results in an uneven distribution of biting forces and is considered to be one of the factors which encourages patients to clench or grind their teeth.

We offer patients an oral health treatment plan that takes into consideration both the form and function of your smile as well as your long-term oral and overall health. Identifying and correcting a malocclusion is an integral part of this plan. If not corrected, or managed, a malocclusion can lead to a number of other problems including headaches, sore muscles, Temporomanibular Disorder (TMD, often referred to a TMJ), excessive wear and even fracture of the teeth. When the front teeth are worn or chipped, it detracts from your smile. Dr. James Kincaid is a highly trained and experienced dentist with extensive expertise in diagnosing and correcting bite/occlusion problems. If you are experiencing any of these problems, please schedule an appointment for a comprehensive examination. Dr. Kincaid will then carefully explain his findings and recommend the most appropriate treatment plan for your particular situation.

Correcting Dental Bite Problems

Correcting a malocclusion is vitally important to protect your long-term dental health as well as your overall health. The treatment may include orthodontics, a bite guard or occlusal splint, reshaping the teeth or the restoration of the biting surfaces with fillings or crowns

At our dental practice, we believe strongly in the relationship between oral health and total body health. If you suspect that you have bite/occlusion problems and are interested in a long-term solution, please contact our Atlanta Bite Analysis and Correction Specialists to schedule an appointment today for a comprehensive examination. We look forward to serving you.

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